Well my friends – I have taken another lapse in my posting.  All I can say is I have been REALLY busy which I suppose it what we all want… Right?

I feel I need to catch up and first finish explaining my post about on-page SEO factors and then I will get onto some other additional ideas.

Let’s keep going here and roll through the next 4 5 SEO items.

4. Keyword in H1, H2, H3 tags – This one is very easy to implement and in a sense you may already be doing it at least visually.  The bottom line here is your keyword needs to at least be tagged by an H1 tag and if possibly also by an H2.  What this will do is bump up the size of your keyword and make it bold to the human reader.  For the Search Engines it is clearly identifying exactly which term you feel is the most important on the page.

Now, you don’t necessary need H3 tag if you cannot accommodate it, but advisable to have it. Again, the human reader will not be aware of these tags at all but it is the SEO juice that you are feeding to the SE’s that is the key.  Quite simply, these 3 tags are the pillar to your On-Page score.

Please note that there is not much correlation between these actual heading tags with SERP ranking (not like your title) but it helps Google to define your document which in turn improves your PULL results.  We love PULL results… so much better than PUSH 😉

5. Keyword MUST appear in the first sentence on your page. Let’s be honest here… if by chance you cannot get it into the first sentence then the first paragraph will work.  Now, having said that why would you want to do that.  I thought what we wanted was top ranking.  If that word (or set of words) won’t fir within the first sentence then maybe you should reconsider what that page is about.

I would simply make sure it is within the first sentence.

6. Keyword MUST appear in the LAST sentence. If you understood the idea in the paragraph above them this is also a no-brainer for you.  If this seems at all difficult consider this.   All you need to do is add another line as a summary at the end of the page. When you have your keywords appearing in both first and last sentences, you are consistent and it confirms the topic of the page. Consider this.  it also makes forna good opening and good ending, Google likes this.

Now since I am behind (I think that is an understatement!) I am going to cover two more of the op-page factors.  This first one can take a little work but is also key to properly identifying what your page is properly about.

7. Keyword MUST appear 2% to 4% of the time.  Over time I have watched thew prescribed number used here climb as high as 8% to 10% but all tests that we have preformed have taken that number down much lower.

Here’s the deal… a good keyword density is generally within 2% to 4%. That said, do keep in mind that this varies across industries and types of sites. If you are working at beating out a group of already ranked sites I would recommend going in and checking on the keyword density that they are using.  If they are using higher percentages then I would work up closer to what they are using.

On a final note, please keep the percentage above 2%.  If you fall below 2% then how are the Search Engines supposed to clearly know what your page is about.

8.  At least ONE outbound link to an internal page with Keyword as anchor text.  Now this one I am very willing to bet you are NOT doing.

All you need to do is make a single link to one of your internal pages with your keyword as the anchor text. This makes it very clear to Google that your page is talking about the keyword and that you are referencing your own site for more information.   When it comes to on-page and off-page SEO, anchor text has been known to be one of the most influential factors.  This is too darned easy and you really must do it.

Now that my friends is the next 5 on-page SEO issues.  I will make sure that the next post comes quickly for you and go over the balance of the factors for you.  This is not difficult stuff but is missed by most website owners.  Don’t be one of them :-)

Let me know what you think of this post so I have the steam to keep going and pump out the balance of the factors for you.  Just put your comments below.

Onward & Upward!


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Holy Cow my friends!

I just received a very interesting email today that I know will create a real issue for many PPC marketers.


Here’s the short story… Yahoo has decided that they are closing down the Yahoo Search program. 

Now maybe I am wrong here but when I read that email above that is exactly what it says to me. 

"…we have decided to close the program effective April 30, 2010."

Am I reading that correctly?

Then they go on to recommend that all of us Yahoo Search marketers go on and begin using Chitika.  That is fine (I already have an account) but it is a whole different world.

Now the people for whom this will be the biggest blow is all of those 150,000+ folks that were tossed out on their A$$’s by Google earlier this year.  Remember when Google started sending messages to AdWords users telling them that their accounts were closed and their could NEVER open a new account again?

I know for many of them the only (obvious) option was to roll their efforts over to Yahoo.  MSN (Bing) just doesn’t return the traffic like most folks are used to so Yahoo seemed to be the best option. 

Well No Longer.

Good Bye Yahoo and hello marketing way outside of PPC .

Now,  please tell what you think of this amazing move?  Smart or not.  Ballsy or not.  Scary or not!  Tell me what you think.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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I just finished watching a whole list of commercials that were shown in the Super Bowl.  I have to say that one of them really stood out for me.

Yes, the Dorito commercials killed me (actually I do some work with the guys that created that video for their company).

But all of the laughing aside… I am an Internet guy.  Shoot if your reading this it is because you too are an Internet person. 

The commercial that really got me was Google’s Parisian Love Story. 


Now, I know some of you may not have liked this one but I thought it was an interesting look at one of the ways our world operates these days.  You realize that so darned many aspects of what we do originates on the Internet and for many of us that means on Google.
Now besides some commentary on Internet use, I also thought it was a little moving.  I mean, it had all of the makings of a great love sorry spelled out right before us.
Hit the play button above and check it out.
Onward & Upward!
Sam Knoll


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Damn… I know I’ve been quiet for a while (Busy, busy, busy doing GREAT things!) but this one deserves some note. 

I just finished reading about this over on the blog.  Google it seems has decided that they are going to start banning advertisers who are not playing by their rules.  They intend to ban them and keep them from starting up any new accounts as well.

This is a bold move is all I can say.  Made me think about what I’d been promoting and HOW .  I feel pretty safe but I am sure there are a healthy number of advertisers that have been doing some sketchy things to promote a variety of offers that Google does not like.

I urge you to take a quick trip over to and read all of the rest that they have to say.

Never a dull moment online!

Onward & Upward!


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Google, the quintessential 800lb gorilla… the all seeing, all knowing, altruistic pillar of the Internet has come through with a new breakthrough previously assumed to be impossible.

Now before I tell you what it is I must ask, "Have we come to expect any less from Google?"

The combination of incredible forward thinking, the best young talent available and what amounts to an all but unlimited budget that eclipses the GOP of most countries around the globe can lead to some incredible innovation.

So, what is it they’ve come up with this time?

Google has made it possible for their users to travel back in time.


Now I know it’s April Fool’s Day so it is quite possible you may not believe me but honestly, in a weird and round-about way they have made it possible for Gmail users to alter the space time continuum.

Here’s the deal:

Login to your Gmail account and you will see a new link in the upper right, next to your Gmail address.  The link is in RED and is the pathway to a bold new world in email.

A Bold New World In Email.


Google has made it possible for Gmail users to send email in the past.

Yes, you read that right… if you have a Gmail account you can now send email that will hit the recipient’s inbox with a date in the past AND inserted in their list of emails at the appropriate date!


This is truly incredible.

Think about it…

You forget your grandmother’s birthday.

I mean you don’t even click on it at all until three weeks after the fact.

Previously, you’d have to send one of those sappy belated birthday cards with an apology.

Now, because of the wisdom and technological magic of Google you can actually send an email three weeks late and have her think you sent it a day early.

You’re still in the will!

Now, here’s another possibility… you owe a client a proposal by three o’clock on Thursday and you miss your deadline.

In the old days you’d have to send the proposal late with an apology and then cross your fingers, hoping that they even read the proposal before laughing and moving on to the next consultant in line.

Now with Google’s new technology you can actually send that proposal over late and leave the client looking like the schmuck for missing it in their inbox.  You’ll actually be working from a position of strength.

There is one additional aspect to this that you need to know which is the limit to the number of past dated emails Google will let you send. 

We all know how much they like their algorithms that are a part of most everything they do and the new email feature is no exception.

Google has used a complex calculation to determine the optimum number of past emails that any one user would need.


You have ten "past emails",
so think this through and use them wisely.

That’s all for now.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this incredible new Google Innovation in the comments section below

Have a wonderful and happy 1st.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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