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This video was created by w small shop in England.

There was no brainy ad group with big budgets behind this. The budget on it was terribly small.

What they created hits every heart string available in awesome fashion. They paired relationship, human touch, passion, love, and what we all do every day… “Driving”. It is a wonderfully understated piece that is worth watching a number of times to get the true gist of what they created.

Watch this first for the video and what it says.

Now, watch it again and take in the important aspects of the pieces involved like the people, the hands touching,  the perceived relationships, the household,  etc.  It is a masterful piece.

Onward & Upward!


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Here is a brief slide show (I wanted to try out the slideshare Plugin here) detailing much of what we do when we work with a client on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Pay Per Click marketing.

There is of course some variety in what we do with each client and how much we charge for our services… but this is a great overview.

If you hover your mouse over the slide show you will see a variety of controls at the bottom.

If you want it to play automatically (10 seconds per slide) hit the play button on the far right.  If you want to move between the slides at will use the plus and minus signs at either side of the show.

Come visit us at our SEO website and set your self up for a free consultation.


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