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Here’s a rather different sort of post for me as it has nothing to do any way shape or form with marketing or even the Internet.

I am about to embark on what should prove to be a fantastic, trying, enlightening, invigorating adventure.

On Tuesday, I will be heading to a small one-room cabin a little over 200 miles northwest of Anchorage Alaska.

The cabin sits on the Southeastern edge of Lake Tazlina, not too far from the glacier at its southern tip.  I am heading up there with my father, brother and our friend(the guy who has had the cabin there for over 50 years) Joe Costa.

Joe is a great friend, mentor, "brother" and spiritual advisor.   He first started going up to Alaska when he was in his early 30’s, has been a big game guide, homesteader, and even opened one of the first movie theaters in Anchorage.

The purpose of this trip is to get a supreme dose of Male bonding, do some fishing, hunting, hiking, and to also partake in some life-changing spiritual work.  This last piece will have a focus on changes in the world and plans for putting the healing of the world into action.

I expect to be doing a fair amount of physical work (we may rebuild the roof of the cabin) while also spending a lot of time working on and in the inner world.

I don’t often share all of what I believe in and work on with most of the world but now know that it is time, so you will get a tiny tease now and a good look inside Sam when I return.

Now I do have to say that there is a small but of trepidation about the trip as we do not know what weather we’ll be dealing with (can be in the 40’s and wet or the 70’s and sunny), we will all be armed with 20-gauge "anti-grizzly" protection as there are at times many around this area and much of the inner work we’ll be doing may be all new to us.

One other wonderful aspect of this trip will be the complete absence of Internet connectivity for roughly 10 days.  I am honestly looking forward to it but also fear for the avalanche of email to deal with upon my return.  Such is the life of an Internet Marketer.

On top of preparing for this adventure, I have also put off the launch of a new concept as I don’t feel it prudent to launch a new site and then leave town .

I also have a variety of consulting jobs set up that will start the moment I return, on top of the agency work I continue doing.  Whew!  It’s going to be a whirlwind… but a great one.

On a final note here are a few pics of the cabin:





This is truly a one-room deal so only Joe will be sleeping in the cabin.  The rest of us will be in tents out with the wildlife.


I’ll be posting my own pics ( I plan on taking 100’s) and information learned as soon as I return.

How’s that for something different?

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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