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It is an awesome thing to watch a company make a change that leaves you thinking (if not saying out loud), "Damn… now that is a stroke of genius!"

Paypal did just that when they just recently released The Paypal Plugin.

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Here is an already successful company who, in my humble opinion, has just made an amazingly cleaver move that has the potential to seat them as the true "King of The Hill" for consumer payment submissions across then entire Internet.

Yes, they are already one of the dominant forces in payment gateways but not number one.  What they’ve done here is just about a stroke of genius.

Here’s the deal…

Up until now, the only way to use Paypal to make a payment for goods or services online was for the merchant from whom you were buying to accept Paypal payments.  There are a tremendous number of merchants using Paypal as either their sole payment option or at least offering it as an option, but by no means everyone.  Most of the largest Internet retailers do not accept Paypal as a payment option.

Why should this matter?

Paypal is truly a wonderful payment concept, because you really cannot buy anything unless you’ve got the money.  When you make a purchase via Paypal it either draws off of your Paypal balance or it deducts money from the bank account associated with your Paypal account.  Given the state of the avg. American’s credit card debt level, I see this as a much better way for consumers to shop.

It is also very convenient to make a payment via Paypal as all you have to do is login and the rest just happens.  There is no lengthy entering of credit card numbers, names,  and addresses.  It is fast, easy and very convenient.

What has Paypal done then that has me so excited?

They have created browser plugin (sorry Mac users… it only works on a PC, but you can generate a card number by visiting the secure cards page) that once installed, enables you to make a debit card payment with Paypal, in any system that accepts Mastercard.  This means that now a Paypal payment can be made on virtually ANY major retailer’s site as well as the little guys who do not currently accept Paypal.

The way this works is Paypal generates a single use Mastercard debit number that will draw off of your Paypal account.  Once generated, it remains valid for up to two months. 

There is also a second option that enables you to create a Mastercard number that will remain valid indefinitely for repeated use on a single website (say for instance).

In short, Paypal has just increased their reach by a percentage I can’t even begin to try to calculate.


This is the exact sort of thing that takes a company from Good to Great.

Yes, we all needed just one more way to spend our money right?

So what next?

Share your opinion on this new way to spend your money?  Leave a comment and let us all know.

Onward & Upward!


Sam Knoll

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