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Interesting question:

Is it Push or Pull?

I read an interesting post by Seth Godin (who does know a little something about marketing) in which he very briefly defines a push message verses a pull.

(On a side note, if you don’t subscribe to Seth’s blog you are really missing some great thought.)

The example of push marketing he uses is the current day classic, SPAM E-mail.  If one wants or needs a perfect example of push marketing you need look no further.  In Spam e-mailing the message is literally pushed out to millions of receipients who have not made any effort at acquiring the message through their own actions.

A pull message is by nature, one that elicits an action from the intended recipient whereby they actively seek out information from you. 

Now, where this becomes interesting is when he defines and provides examples of pull concepts.  Seth states that a blog is pull distribution in effect.  I agree with this.  Next he states that RSS is push as once you subscribe in one way shape or form to a blog, the content is then pushed to you via RSS.

Readers Have Total Control Over RSS Delivered Content

I have a slightly different take on this as when one adds an RSS feed to a feed reader/aggregator it pulls the message from the blog.  The reader actively reaches out and checks to see if there are any new posts to the blog.  One of the elements that people like about pulling in content via an RSS feed is that they have TOTAL control over it.  If they want to cease receiving a feed they simply delete it… end of story.

Seth also states that the Internet transforms TV from an offline push medium to an online pull machine.  What do you think?

These are the sort of issues I urge you to consider as you design products and all of the marketing communications and channels around them.

Take it even further and look closely at all of your existing marketing efforts.  See if you can twist the message and/or delivery of it to take it from a push to a pull.

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