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I’ve been reading this was coming and now it is truly here.

Not long ago Google decided they wanted to branch out from their comfortable seat in the PPC world and weave themselves into ALL forms of advertising both on and offline.

One of these areas they planned on targeting was radio.

Well, today it is here.

You can watch an overview video here: Google Radio Ads Overview

They have made some elements of this quite easy and have included yet another revenue source by also including a "providers" program one can use to produce audio ads.  You access the whole thing via your regular Adwords interface.

Obviously the jury is still way out on this as it has just launched. 

One thing that will definitely be a factor is the very nature of radio advertising.  One of the greatest aspects of Adwords is the ability to be very targeted in your efforts.  If done correctly, your Adwords ads can show only to those viewers for whom your offer is the most relevant.  This translates into prospects with the greatest potential for conversion.

Radio on the other hand, can be chalked up as one of the LEAST targeted advertising medium available. 

Advertising on the radio is like tossing a small rock into a big pond and hoping to hit a specific fish.  Yes, there may be lots of fish in the pond but the chances of hitting any, let alone the one you want with a single rock are pretty slim.  If on the other hand you are casting a large net out over the pond and you are willing to eat a wide variety of fishes then you can feed yourself very well.

This doesn’t mean Google Radio can’t be effective.  Radio advertising can be very effective but extra efforts and considerations must be taken in order to match the right offer to such a broad audience.

We’ll be watching this one as it develops.

That’s all for now.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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