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I’ve spent some interesting time recently moderating on a Private (members’ only) forum for Jim Edwards.

One of the things I see there that I also saw in some high priced coaching I did last year was dificulty in staying focused.

The ironic part of that is that one of the key teachings in both places was  to identify one’s niche and then focus in on it with laser precision and intensity.

The tough part for most people feels like the initial "niche identification process" as they languish over all of the possibilities in front of them.  I’ve watched many people sit stuck for months because they just couldn’t pick the right niche.  They analyze and research things to death and never get anything off the ground.

Now, I will admit that it is easy to fall prey to this trap.

Many if not most budding infopreneurs are seeking that big break/product/JV that will make them $100K or more over night.  We read about rags to riches every day and the folks that write what we read make it seem so easy.

Wake up!!

The folks writing that stuff are often people like me.  They are skilled copywriters who are adept at crafting a story, pulling you into it and leading you through and over every nook, cranny, twist, and turn they can throw at you.

It is their job to take the most likely mundane and craft a story around it that will engage and entertain you while preselling you on a product or service.

I’m here to tell you… don’t fall for it (speaking from experience).

Put on your blinders and don’t read those letters except to capture them as excellent examples of good copy you wish to emulate at a later date.

Resist buying the newest, latest and greatest.  There is no blue OR red pill you can take that will lead you down the path of IM enlightenment.

Pick your niche. 

It is going to be much easier if it is one about which you already know something.  Even better, if you have any level of expertise in most any field… there is a market wanting to hear from you.

Once you have your niche identified then hit it full bore. 

Use tried and true marketing techniques and avoid buying into any of the newest $5K to $10K systems.

I’ve been there and I promise you there is no Easy way to do any of this.  You need to set up basic marketing, response and support systems and then be tenacious about supplying good to great content with offers just sprinkled in occasionally.

The top marketers use pretty basic techniques to pull people into their marketing funnel, supply great content and then market the heck out of people.

Again, pick your niche and then do as Dan Kennedy says and "take Massive Action".  Work that niche until you own it.

Now one more thing I want to add here is a book recommendation that I know will provide a fresh perspective and way of going for you as you move into your marketing.  It’s called the Blue Ocean Strategy and I guarantee it will open your eyes to new ways of going about competing and developing products.

I have the book listed in my book list on the lower right of this blog.  Simply scroll down until you see it. 

That’s all I have for now.

Thank you for listening to me rant.

Now… quit sitting in the headlights, pick your niche and go out and Kill it!

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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