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If you put any of your online time and effort into Google Adsense then you must be aware of this new development.

Google has decided, as Google is prone to do, that they are changing the way they allow the use of graphics near Adsense ad blocks.

Who knows what enforcement will be like on this but it is quite worth your being aware of.

If you’re using images near your ads you probably have some time to make the appropriate changes to be in compliance.  That said, it is your call as to how fine a line you wish to walk.

The official Google Adsense guidlines can be found in Google’s Adsense Blog.

Now, there was one more element in these guidelines that could affect most any Adsense user.

Here’s the quote:

Publishers should also be careful to avoid similar implementations that people could find misleading. For instance, if your site contains a directory of Flash games, you should not format the ads to mimic the game descriptions.

Hmmm, seems to be taking aim at blending your ads in with the content of your site.

This could get ugly!

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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Gary Halbert is undeniably one of the greatest copywriters/marketers around.

He is brash, ireverant, smart as you know what, seemingly afraid of no one, and also one of the keener, sneekier marketing minds.

The Gary Halbert letter is a resource that all to many people do not ever tap into.

Inside Gary lays it all out pretty darned openly.

As long as you can handle his use of "special words" you’ll learn a ton from his site.

Now, one of Gary’s claims to fame is a coat-of-arms business.  This business ran for roughly 30 years using the same ad over 600,000,000 times!

Yes, you read that right… six hundred million!

Gee, do you think it was working?

Well, what I have for you today is a look at the simple one page letter that did it all and an audio of Mark Joyner pulling how he did it from Gary.

You do have to refer a few friends to get it but in my book it is well worth it. 

Get it.

Read it.

Listen to it.

Listen to it while reading it.

Then use it!

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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