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Google, the quintessential 800lb gorilla… the all seeing, all knowing, altruistic pillar of the Internet has come through with a new breakthrough previously assumed to be impossible.

Now before I tell you what it is I must ask, "Have we come to expect any less from Google?"

The combination of incredible forward thinking, the best young talent available and what amounts to an all but unlimited budget that eclipses the GOP of most countries around the globe can lead to some incredible innovation.

So, what is it they’ve come up with this time?

Google has made it possible for their users to travel back in time.


Now I know it’s April Fool’s Day so it is quite possible you may not believe me but honestly, in a weird and round-about way they have made it possible for Gmail users to alter the space time continuum.

Here’s the deal:

Login to your Gmail account and you will see a new link in the upper right, next to your Gmail address.  The link is in RED and is the pathway to a bold new world in email.

A Bold New World In Email.


Google has made it possible for Gmail users to send email in the past.

Yes, you read that right… if you have a Gmail account you can now send email that will hit the recipient’s inbox with a date in the past AND inserted in their list of emails at the appropriate date!


This is truly incredible.

Think about it…

You forget your grandmother’s birthday.

I mean you don’t even click on it at all until three weeks after the fact.

Previously, you’d have to send one of those sappy belated birthday cards with an apology.

Now, because of the wisdom and technological magic of Google you can actually send an email three weeks late and have her think you sent it a day early.

You’re still in the will!

Now, here’s another possibility… you owe a client a proposal by three o’clock on Thursday and you miss your deadline.

In the old days you’d have to send the proposal late with an apology and then cross your fingers, hoping that they even read the proposal before laughing and moving on to the next consultant in line.

Now with Google’s new technology you can actually send that proposal over late and leave the client looking like the schmuck for missing it in their inbox.  You’ll actually be working from a position of strength.

There is one additional aspect to this that you need to know which is the limit to the number of past dated emails Google will let you send. 

We all know how much they like their algorithms that are a part of most everything they do and the new email feature is no exception.

Google has used a complex calculation to determine the optimum number of past emails that any one user would need.


You have ten "past emails",
so think this through and use them wisely.

That’s all for now.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this incredible new Google Innovation in the comments section below

Have a wonderful and happy 1st.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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This is an honest (I hope I don’t get myself in trouble) review of Keith Wellman’s newest product release, a website building membership concept called ZEzWeb.

First off I must say that Keith is a very smart marketer.  He has enjoyed a nice level of success with past products and will most likely do the same with this one.

So what exactly is ZEzWeb and what do I think of it?

EDIT: folks have been trying to get signed up but need an invitation code.  This is not open to the public at present but Keith has said he will let my readers in.  The code for now is "vip" without the quotes.

In a nutshell, ZEzWeb is a membership concept that gives users a relatively streamlined ability to build websites via a simple to use web interface.

This is designed for anyone wanting a sales site up on the web but either doesn’t want to or is not able to pay other folks to create a countdown page, the sales page, and/or squeeze page they will need.  It steps you through pulling together the different aspects you need for each page and organizes them in a predefined template (or you can set it up on a blank page if you wish.)

The templates they use are based upon tried and tested IM principles and I would say could be pretty effective if they are populated with the right content.  If you are new to copywriting and/or building a sales site then this will be a definite help to you.

I do like the fact that you have the option of putting a countdown page and squeeze page in place before your sales page.  Those are both valuable tools that require an  extra step in production that many people fail to take.

Another nice feature is the ease of Pay pal integration or another processor of your choosing if you like.

They have even built in an upsell feature where you can enter your own upsell… or if you don’t have one, they will provide one for you.  I don’t know yet (so I apologise if I am wrong) but I have to imagine that they are getting something out of providing your upsell either in the form of affiliate revenue or in plugging their own products within the upsell. 

Yes, I can honestly say I would have liked to have access to a system like this when I was just getting rolling.

Now as for functionality, let me first point out that this system is in Beta so there are still some areas to be populated and some small kinks to be worked out.

The entire site operates in a slick black interface so it does look pretty cool.  However, I have found it slow to load which is a little annoying.  They are letting in 1000 people for free and there have been some big guys (themselves included) promoting the thing so their server is most likely getting hammered right now.  I imagine they will work on and improve that aspect of the membership.

To set up a "campaign" you need to enter a domain name.  I did not yet see where you would get the DNS info for a name you already own.  Yes, you can enter and set up a domain you already own but there are no instructions for what DNS settings you need to use to make your site live (that may be coming too)

They do also offer the option of buying a domain name through the interface.  All I can say is… pretty smart.  What they are doing is taking you to a reseller account that is actually part of Godaddy.  In the big picture of things I suppose I could say "Who cares" if I am setting up a site and I need a domain then it is a great added feature that they make it easy to grab one.  I imagine their goal is to also create a nice residual revenue stream with that as well.

 There is a decent amount to what they have created so I could go on here for quite a while.

Rather than do that, here is my summary and recommendation.

In short, great concept that will be very helpful for anyone in the new to somewhat experienced Internet Marketer levels.

Yes, there are some kinks and issues to work out but again, I think the concept has a lot of merit.

The bottom line is, they are letting 1,000 people and I came in at about half way through that.

I recommend that you grab a spot (it’s free) and then see where they take this thing.

My invitation code is 498 which is not yet active.  For now the code to get in is "vip" without the quotes.

I am going to check and see if their TOS will allow me to make a brief movie of the members area.  If so I’ll be posting it shortly.

Onward & Upward!


Sam Knoll

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Hello my friends,

I have something unique for you today.

I am saying this is unique because it is part of a very small, select group of concepts that have no objective besides helping people who need help.

This is also a great marketing piece to check out as it is being produced by the folks that are the fuel and technology behind most of the major IM launches you’ve seen in the last year.

"Who are they and what is the launch?" you ask (I know that’s what you were saying to yourself).

The folks behind the magic are none other than Becky Dielman and the rest of the crew from The Launch Train.  That is who I use to put up and manage my butterfly powered sites and let me tell you, I thought they were incredible before this launch and now I KNOW they are incredible.

Check out their "Firesale" that benefits Toys For Tots with all of it’s proceeds.

I actually did some copywriting for them early on in this project so I’ve gotten to watch it grow from a money making opportunity to a truly generous and caring concept.

If you want to see a cool way to push psych buttons in the marketing process and you want to do something good this holiday season then you really should take a look at

Onward & Upward!


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