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This post is a very quick one about a very different sort of conference.

I tend to live in a world filled with Marketing this and Marketing that, all jumbled up in the space of the eye of a needle.  My blog and all I post else where has to do with advertising Age and all that comes with it.  Yes I am an ad man and yes, this is an ad blog but let’s stop for just one minute and take a look in a new direction…

What I’m going to share with you today is an insight into my inner workings, the stuff that keeps me going.  What I want to share with you today is about a group in San Diego California with whom I’ve been working for about 4 years at this time.  This group is the Institute of Thought, and before you get ANY ideas about it I feel I need to share with you what it is we are working on.

In short… we are working on changing the overall, underlying consciousness of the planet.

It won’t take you long to agree that there is simply way too much negative energy being used all around us and that it’s presence is a serious draw on any good that is done.  We are all but living in a negative place and need to change it.

The Institute of Thought and even more importantly the World Healer Institute (a side non-profit created by the IOT) is on the way to getting people fired up and working to set our path back in the right direction.  The world healers is set to bring about a collection of people here today with a purpose of changing the path on which we travel and help bring about a change to the underlying geography on which we work.

It is time to eliminate all of the negative energy upon which we all tend to center our beings and grab onto only that which makes us whole and healthy.

Now, rather than go on and on about this here I’d like to point you to the upcoming post on the World Healer’s site that gives you all of the details at The World Healers Institute site where you can see all that has been worked on and all that is coming together.

Yes, this is a very strange post coming from me.  It is time to see exactly what has been going on and what we can do about it.  Please do take a moment to check in and see exactly what it is that we’ve been working on.



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OK gang,

I am back and I must say that the rumors of my demise by bull moose gouging were highly exaggerated 😉

In a word, Alaska is: AWESOME

Somehow even the developed areas have an unspoiled feel to them.  Maybe it is the backdrop of incredible mountains rising up in every horizon around you that does it or maybe it is just the crisp, clean air.

The trip was basically too short.

Now, before I go into trip details I must say that we were not on some cushy, tour group trip here.  This is a what you see is what you get group made up of a 40+ year Alaska  native (our driver and man about town Tony) and our friend Joe Costa who first hit Alaska as a homesteader 50 years ago.

Time in Anchorage was highly educational and interesting, not to mention a good time with my father.  We do have the same taste in good draft beer and food.


Alaskan Amber… Good.  So is the Smoked Porter.

Trip to the cabin was made up of 4 hours in a friend’s van (former correctional facilities vehicle, which meant no handle to open or close the back from the inside and a molded plastic seat on which to sit (I had a poly rope tied around me as a seat belt which you can see in the photos).

The pilot of the float plane has been flying in the bush for 30 years and took the biz over from his father who flew our friend Joe up for about 50 years.  Great guy who simply "Loves what he does".

Beyond that we spent the next week hiking, hunting, fishing, a little boating, cooking, doing some metaphysical work, cutting and hauling wood, and the rest of the time escaping from reality and living in the moment!


SIDE NOTE: None of us are big hunters, however we did plan on hunting caribou.  Unfortunately only residents can do so at this point.  The only other option was black bear.  We did hunt some and did actually have a mother and cub right in our camp one evening, can’t shoot a mom though… that would be wrong.  The end result… we came home with some expensive hunting licenses and an even more expensive bear tag plus great memories of the hunts we went on.

I also have to say that from the feedback I received, the quality of food in the camp went up many times over during the time I was there.

Yes, we were out in the middle of nowhere, but we did have seriously too much with us in the way of food.

Being a trained chef (trained at the CIA, one of my other lives) I had a blast cooking over the open fire.  I prepared things like:

  •  A great beef roast with a honey-soy, caramelized onion reduction sauce
  • Grilled reindeer sausage with fresh hash-browns, bacon and eggs
  • Cinnamon french toast on the open-fire, cast iron griddle
  • Savory beef stew with roasted potatoes and corn
  • The list went on and on…

We also did some work in the pyramid that Joe built on the site.  Again, one of my other lives as I look at the state of our world.

I could honestly go on and on for a long time covering every single detail of this trip.  That would make for one very long post and neither of us have time for that.

As an alternative, here is a link to the Flickr set covering Sam Knoll in Alaska.

As you view, please keep in mind that a documented a lot for my kids as well as friends (my guys found the various animal poo we’d see on our own trails fascinating).  Also, often times when out on the trail our hands were full with our anti-grizzly protection (read as a rifle or shotgun).  The grizzlies, black bears, moose and a host of other animals all use the same trails along the lake that we do.  There was a grizzly in the camp working some parts of it over… thankfully before we all got up there.  I did manage to bring back some grizzly fur left on numerous trees for my boys

OK, that’s all for now.  Enjoy the Alaska pictures and let me know what you think.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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