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Todays post covers something we are all becoming quite used to seeing in just about every single publication these days…



What I want to share with you has nothing to do with one of the many ways people are now gouging up followers but rather is a look at the potential universe one lives in as a publisher on twitter.  There are many different types of relationships one can carry out and they are all worth looking at.

The potential for creating a successful Social Media program requires that all possibilities be considered.  Once you look at the image below you may or may not want to follow up with many of them… but do know that a truly successful Social Media campaign does require many to be in place.

So here is an image created by Brian Solis that very clearly maps out many of the possibilities:


(click the image to see a full size view)

The areas the image covers are as follows:

  • URL Shorteners
  • Mobile Applications
  • Event Management
  •  Communication Management
  • Stream Management
  • Geolocation + Imaging
  • Relationship Management
  • Trends & Analysis
  • Twitter Search
  • Trends & Analysis
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Twitter Search

There are more to come.

Take a look over the list and see where you fit in right now. 

Then pull out a yellow pad and start to map out what you are going to add and how you will handle it.

The list can get quite extensive but is also a blast to play with as you go.

One piece of advice… treat this aspect of your business as you would any other.  You need to pick out the pieces you want to use and then add them in one at a time.  Then you also need to budget the amount of time you are going to give each of them during your day so you don’t KILL all of your productive time.

Onward & Upward!


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A little over a week ago I added a new feature to


This is a great service called FeedM8 that links my posts with the cell phone of anyone wanting to receive post notifications on their mobile. 

In order for a phone to be able to receive the feed it must be web enabled (which most phones made in the last 4 years are).  You can also choose to receive text alerts of new posts or additions to any RSS feed you want.

The service works two ways, first for readers wanting to receive alerts or feeds to their phone and also for publishers wanting to make their feed available.  It is a snap to set up a feed and best of all, the service is absolutely free.

As a publisher I simply place a "button" on my site which when clicked, takes the visitor to a page where they can set up my feed to their phone.

FeedM8 - Mobile Buttons_1209406191584.png

In this age of near total mobility paired with a have it now mentality why not give people avary way possible to stay in touch with you.

As more and more phone users head toward their phone being the4 true center of their daily universe this sort of service will become more and more essential.

It’s almost too easy.

Now, what do you think… do you want to receive this sort of stuff through your phone or is it all getting too darned easy to be bugged constantly throughout the day?

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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Ok, I’ve decided to ramp things up a bit here.

A good while ago I made available a video and ebook set that detail a little known technique that I and a handful of other marketers use to identify potential Super Affiliates to promote our products and services through the roof.

In the past I only made this available as a pretty sizeable download.

You can still get it that way if you like, but now I have also decided to make it available streaming as well.

So, without further ado here it is:



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One of the many skills I have had to acquire over the last 5 years of working in the Marketing world is how to write copy.

Now, I’m not talking the sort of copy one finds in magazine ads, brochures, or on information websites.  I had to learn how to write sales letters.

You know the ones, those long, long 20 to 30 page pieces designed with one purpose… to grab the reader, hook them and then draw them along through the story of my product or service.  Like any writing, there is a real art to producing these pieces that can take time to develop.

What I have for you today is an e-book on copywriting, but not from the same perspective everyone else usually gives you.

What your see covers no mechanics but rather gets into the root emotion that powers every person to sign up for a list or purchase a product.  It is different for everyone and every product.  Understanding how to cut away all of the surrounding BS and zero in on the true motivating element will put your marketing message miles ahead of most any competitor.

This is my gift to you.

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My friend,

I have a simple little gift for you today.

I say it is simple because it is made up of a short special report and an even shorter video.

What you will find inside the two is a very unique technique I discovered that you can use to identify affiliates and even super affiliates to help promote your specific product or service.

Affiliate marketing, Joint Ventures or whatever else you wish to call then can be the fastest and most profitable ways to rapidly promote a product or service on the Internet.

The first problem one runs into when attempting to work with this is how to locate the best potential partners.

Not long ago I stumbled across what really is all to simple a way to identify highly targeted Super Affiliates using nothing more than a $5 Google Adwords account.

I documented the technique in a brief report and then shot a screen capture video detailing it as well.

I recently sold the Master Resell and the Private Label Rights to this, both of which were snatched up in pretty hefty numbers.

Now you get the info for your own use simply for being a reader of this blog.

That’s the way it works here!

The following link can be used to download your Personal Use copy of the Google Super Affiliate Finder Report & Videos… On Me.

Now, you will have to be patient because this is a big file (14MB).

Here’s to a Great and Prosperous 2007!

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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