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Todays post covers something we are all becoming quite used to seeing in just about every single publication these days…



What I want to share with you has nothing to do with one of the many ways people are now gouging up followers but rather is a look at the potential universe one lives in as a publisher on twitter.  There are many different types of relationships one can carry out and they are all worth looking at.

The potential for creating a successful Social Media program requires that all possibilities be considered.  Once you look at the image below you may or may not want to follow up with many of them… but do know that a truly successful Social Media campaign does require many to be in place.

So here is an image created by Brian Solis that very clearly maps out many of the possibilities:


(click the image to see a full size view)

The areas the image covers are as follows:

  • URL Shorteners
  • Mobile Applications
  • Event Management
  •  Communication Management
  • Stream Management
  • Geolocation + Imaging
  • Relationship Management
  • Trends & Analysis
  • Twitter Search
  • Trends & Analysis
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Twitter Search

There are more to come.

Take a look over the list and see where you fit in right now. 

Then pull out a yellow pad and start to map out what you are going to add and how you will handle it.

The list can get quite extensive but is also a blast to play with as you go.

One piece of advice… treat this aspect of your business as you would any other.  You need to pick out the pieces you want to use and then add them in one at a time.  Then you also need to budget the amount of time you are going to give each of them during your day so you don’t KILL all of your productive time.

Onward & Upward!


P.S. Please do remember to post your comments below as it will help all of the people that read this blog.

P.P.S.  You can also feel free to visit me on twitter here: 

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I want to do for you now is tell you about a new product I am about to roll out.  This membership is a VERY low priced piece designed to give vertually anyone access to some of the best current and past recordings dealing with Success.   The membership is called


SAMCd8Medium.gifThe first month was a real treat for me as it included my first real interview with Willie Crawford as he any I talked success.  I had heard some of his story but certainly not all of it.  I am willing to guess that most people didn’t realize he was still in the airforce for a good portion of his careerr as we all got used to him getting rolling. I also found it fascinating what he does with his days now that he no longer needs to spend all of his time working on his online careere, but rather is able to spend it working on the other ways in which he is now able to help people.

The interview with Willie is fantastic and I urge you to listen in to it.

The second interview I did was with Dan Lok.  Dan has been a huge part of the conversion world (hence my posts on the topic!) and many other fantastic pieces to his interview.  Dan I find exciting as he really got his start with his paid first job… a grocery bagger in a local super market… which he then grew into a multi-level millionaire. 

One of the most informative aspects of talking with Dan I got is the number of FAILED businesses he tried before he first made any money at all.  He even failed as a grocery baggar! 

The thing they handle differently is in what they do with their own time now.

They outsource a lot and they do run very different aspects of they same sort of business.  Great material.

The balance of the product is made op of a variety of highly professional recorded pieces, from yesterday… not today. 

The first month includes a series of over seven success oriented pieces including the following:

  1. The Highly Controversial Material, Marketing Secrets – Seduction Masters. 
  2. The Art Of Making Money or Getting Rules For Making Money, by P.T. Parnum
  3. Andrew Carnegie
  4. Acres of Diamonds – Russel Conwell
  5. How To Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter
  6. The Product Creation – The 12 simple steps involved in developing your own product
  7. Think and Grow Rich – by Napolean Hill

Now, I’ve got to share with you exactly what else this membership also holds.  You see, this is much more than a monthly seminar filled with some simple how to posts.  I’ve also included a fantastic Brain Wave music series that is designed to help you find your center and then re-energise your method of energy.  It is not just enough to listen to and take in the teachings of some of our current masters as well as those of our past ones.  You need to augment that and add to it.


The Brain Wave Music is awesome stuff that will leave you deep and relaxed, or up and READY to go!

 This is a fantastic membership that I have also priced so it fits everyone’s budget.  It is not enough to have a great membership but it must also work to serve as many people as possible.  This is a great place to stop what your doing, center yourself, and restart your day.

That is all for today.

Do take a minute and either click that link above (or right here) and go grab your membership.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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This post is a very quick one about a very different sort of conference.

I tend to live in a world filled with Marketing this and Marketing that, all jumbled up in the space of the eye of a needle.  My blog and all I post else where has to do with advertising Age and all that comes with it.  Yes I am an ad man and yes, this is an ad blog but let’s stop for just one minute and take a look in a new direction…

What I’m going to share with you today is an insight into my inner workings, the stuff that keeps me going.  What I want to share with you today is about a group in San Diego California with whom I’ve been working for about 4 years at this time.  This group is the Institute of Thought, and before you get ANY ideas about it I feel I need to share with you what it is we are working on.

In short… we are working on changing the overall, underlying consciousness of the planet.

It won’t take you long to agree that there is simply way too much negative energy being used all around us and that it’s presence is a serious draw on any good that is done.  We are all but living in a negative place and need to change it.

The Institute of Thought and even more importantly the World Healer Institute (a side non-profit created by the IOT) is on the way to getting people fired up and working to set our path back in the right direction.  The world healers is set to bring about a collection of people here today with a purpose of changing the path on which we travel and help bring about a change to the underlying geography on which we work.

It is time to eliminate all of the negative energy upon which we all tend to center our beings and grab onto only that which makes us whole and healthy.

Now, rather than go on and on about this here I’d like to point you to the upcoming post on the World Healer’s site that gives you all of the details at The World Healers Institute site where you can see all that has been worked on and all that is coming together.

Yes, this is a very strange post coming from me.  It is time to see exactly what has been going on and what we can do about it.  Please do take a moment to check in and see exactly what it is that we’ve been working on.



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This is a formulaic representation of the factors that affect the conversion process as developed by the great guys and gals over at

Being a scientist by training and at heart I love a perspective like this,  as it not only exhibits all of the primary pieces involved, but also the relationship between them.  It is that interaction that is key.  When all factors are considered and addressed properly they are able to work in conjunction and bring about the end goal results converting your visitors.

Here’s the formula:


Now, let’s go through what each of these elements is and means:

 C = Probability of Conversion

This is just what is it says, the probability or chance of getting a prospect to take the step or action you desire from them.  In statistical terms, probability is the likelihood that a given (or desired) outcome will occur.

In marketing terms… the chances of getting an optin or sale.

 m = Motivation of User

This is also a simple concept… in short, how darned strong is the psychological push in the prospects brain to take the desired step. 

If the message to market match is good then you are offering something that the target prospects need or want.  We would then refer to them as "targeted" prospects.  If the message to market match is poor than you are asking the prospect to take a step that is too far out of their realm of natural possibilities. 

When thinking motivation ask yourself… wouldn’t it feel much better to have folks throwing their credit cards at you than having to club them over the head and drag them through the door?! 

v = The Clarity of the Value Proposition

Consider this statement for a moment… "The Clarity of the Value Proposition".  This is no reference to what the value proposition is or even its quality, but merely how clear it is to the observer.  If the prospect has to work too darned hard to even figure out what the value proposition is then you’ve probably lost them. 

i = Incentive to Take Action

 Now this is a factor over which you as the marketer have total control.

The easiest way to explain this factor is to demonstrate it.

Ask yourself this question:

Have you ever made a purchase in part for or

simply because of the bonuses being

offered with the primary product?

 Here’s another one… have you ever signed up for something or purchased a product by a specific date to avoid a stated price increase (think early-bird deadline!)?

This is the pushing of some basic psycho-emotional triggers at simple beautiful work.  This is the sort of stuff we see employed in sales offers both on and offline every single day.

 Yet another field in which this is employed online is in the "Free Gift" realm.  You know the ones:


Get a Free iPod!

Get this Free Gift Card!

Get a Free Laptop!

If you have an email address and have spent ANY time on the Internet you’ve undoubtedly seen one or more (probably more) of these offers.

In the example above they are incentivizing the prospect to "complete an offer (such as sign up for a credit card, or blockbuster online) and then get five of their friends to "complete an offer"… and once that is done they’ll send them an iPod.  They are using the incentive of the iPod to push people into taking the actions they want… in this case signing up for trial offers.

The examples I’ve just given are extremes but I think you’ll agree that they very clearly demonstrate the point.

The bottom line is that this can be powerful stuff and is an important aspect of the conversion process.

f = Friction Elements of Process

This element is a simple on in concept but is comprised of a million possible factors.

In short, this is an hurdle, be it psychological, physical, emotional or functional that may halt or slow the conversion process.  A classic example is a multi-step checkout process online as opposed to one that requires the user moving between a minimum of pages (steps).  The harder a prospect has to work the less likely they are to convert.

I just heard a new friend of mine, Perry Belcher of speak at Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar 5 (absolutely fantastic event!) about a simple way that they bypassed sales cart friction.  Here’s the example:

It has become a relatively standard practise on the Internet for a customer to be delivered an up-sell or secondary offer on the thank you page after they make an initial purchase.  This is a proven way to increase sales per customer but there are some issues to consider.

Yes, by making that offer right while the customer is in the buying mood and in fact may still have their credit card in-hand you can increase the "probability" of conversion as compared to emailing the customer with a follow-up offer.  The problem or friction element here is that the customer is going to have to go through the entire purchase process again… the same one they just completed.

SOLUTION:  what if the customer only had to click a single button to add that back-end offer to their first purchase?

That’s it… that’s all they have to do is click a single button that says "Add This To My Order Please!"

Do you think conversions might go up?  We just removed the huge friction element that was having to re-enter all of their personal and credit card information.  Conversions go through the roof with a move like this!

That is exactly what Perry did (Sorry, I can’t share the script that does this he gave to those of us in attendance… or I’d have to kill you!).

Do you get the point though?

Here’s an example from the world of copywriting: Objections

These are the possible reasons for maybe not buying or the questions that a prospect may have that cause some level of disbelief:

  • Too much competition
  • This one looks like all the others
  • Why aren’t they doing it themselves?
  • I can’t do all of that myself
  • What if I find out it doesn’t work for me?
  • And a myriad of others.

The job of a great copywriter is to anticipate those objections (friction elements) that may slow or flat out stop the purchase process and then address the solutions or answers to each of them.

 And last but far from least…

a = Anxiety About Entering (or revealing) Information

For those of us who work on the Internet and have gotten quite used to filling out forms and purchasing things online this may not be an important factor…

But what about the vast, vast majority of Internet users for whom there are grave concerns of identity theft or just plain being ripped off?

This is a very real issue that must be addressed and can be resolved in many instances with a few simple tactics.

The key word here is really "TRUST".


In the earlier days of the Internet (2-5 years ago ) marketers generally tried to combat this factor by including anti-Spam statements and/or links to legal Privacy Policies.  These are still very good tactics and most definitely should be employed.

Let’s take things a number of steps further.  These days if you want most anyone to make a purchase from you online you must gain their trust.  You do this either by being an accepted authority or brand (,, etc.), by building a relationship with the prospect which takes serious time and effort (if not money), or lastly by borrowing trust from another source.

That third option is generally the easiest and here are some examples of such borrowed trust:


(here’s a recent one for my Exit Popup


Gotta love receiving impromptu stuff like that one!

Trust Symbols or icons:

These have been one of the smallest changes with the biggest impact for many ecommerce sites.  Here are a few examples:

Honeste Online (owned by my buddy Jimmy Sweeney)

HONESTe Online Member Seal Click to verify - Before you buy!

 Paypal payment processor


Or here’s yet another great one, McAfee’s HackerSafe logo


 There are other tactics that can be used as well such as consumer ratings, referrals, security statements etc.  The key is identifying the ways you can do it… and doing it!

 So there you have some further insight and explanation for each of the critical conversion factors identified by  If you haven’t yet visited their site you should as they have a tremendous amount of FREE research and resources that any marketer can use.

The Take Away

Now, the grand take away you need to get here is that there are a variety of very different factors that affect conversions.  Each of them has an impact on their own and should be attended to… However, like with any good marketing plan you really need to take a step back and look at things from a holistic perspective.  Consider all of the parts and how they work in conjunction.  Then start making changes and testing each one at a time.  Before long you will have made a difference in each and the overall result should be a dramatic increase in your conversions.

There’s a lot going on there to think about.  Any thoughts or comments about this post?  Any part of it ring home or touch a specific pain point?  Maybe you just simply slapped yourself in the forehead and said "Damn… so that’s why I ain’t selling anything!".  Regardless the reason or reaction, please share it with the rest of us below as a comment so we can all keep our businesses moving forward.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll


Just a quick and unique look at the information found within my tweets:

Wordle: Sam Knoll's Brain

A look at things from this perspective can be somewhat eye-opening!

What going on inside your head?  Comment below and let us know.

Onward & Upward!




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