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Right brained vs. left brained… Where do you fit in?…

Where does your marketing fit in?…

Are you even aware that this is how we all work.

Do you tend to live and work within one side over the other or do you have a good balance.

Most people tend to sway strongly toward one sire… which is yours?

Take a moment and read over the words on each side (you left brained people are probably alreday doing that ūüėČ ).

Once you read over them you need to actually think about each term used.¬† None of them are “good” or “bad”, but if any are used in exess then they do become a problem.¬† Think about it… if all of your focus is on analytics then how do you ever escape from those thoughts and make a decision to move forward.¬† Likewise, if all you do focuses around yearing or passion then you too may have issues as you do need some element of strategy and analytics to help you make a decisions.

Now I suppose the last way you could attack this would be to put people in place around you to compensate and cover the side of the brain on which you do not work.¬† That would be a huge help… provided you could actually make the move to get them in place.

Think about it.

Are you right brained or left brained? Once you know thjat then take some steps to make sure you properly incorporate the other half and you will find you are MUCH more productive in the long run.

Onward & Upward!


P.S. Did you notice that the title of this post is “left brained vs. right brained”… does it bother you that I switched the order between right and left.¬† If so, which side of your brain¬†noticed that?

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Hi Guys,

Customer awareness is a very important element as we attempt to move forward an close out sales.  This can be an issue both online and offline with really the same science behind each of them.

The chart I have for you below is one that deals with “Leads” in the business to business area but really if we look at any of the factors involved it transcends being just a B2B and affects prospects in any type of market.

Marketing Sherpa

Each stage of awareness is one of the main pieces Eugene Schwartz discussed in his book “Breakthrough Advertising” (one of the greatest looks into masterful copywriting I have ever read!)

Eugene gives the stages of awareness in “customers” as follows:

  1. The most aware – customer knows of your product, knows what it does, knows he wants it.
  2. Customer knows of your product, but doesn’t yet want it
  3. New Product – customer knows or recognizes that they want what the product does… but doesn’t know that there is a product, yours, that will fulfill their want.
  4. New products that solve NEEDS – customer has a need they want fulfilled but isn’t aware of the connection between their need and your product.
  5. The completely unaware market.

Take a look at these and then look again at the chart at the top of this post.  You will see a lot of similarities.

Now, take these levels of awareness and pair them with my 5 levels of conversion and you will start to knock all of your prospects dead!

I have a great video I created some time ago that walks you through all of the levels of customer awareness.

Take a look at it here (click the big word below):

That’s all for today.

Customer awareness… Onward & Upward my friend!

Sam Knoll

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Link Cloaking!

Hey gang,

Here’s a brand new plugin that quite simply you really must start using on your blog.

In short this little app allows you to cloak all links you want to from any of your blogs.

Yes… I said it will cloak all links you want cloaked from ANY of your blogs.

I am making this available to ALL readers of my blog for a SHORT time…

Grab it now because in a week or so I will put it up for sale and you will have to pay for it.  This is a Killer Plugin that you really must have.

download it here:

Start cloaking your links my friends!

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll


Here is a brief slide show (I wanted to try out the slideshare Plugin here) detailing much of what we do when we work with a client on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Pay Per Click marketing.

There is of course some variety in what we do with each client and how much we charge for our services… but this is a great overview.

If you hover your mouse over the slide show you will see a variety of controls at the bottom.

If you want it to play automatically (10 seconds per slide) hit the play button on the far right.  If you want to move between the slides at will use the plus and minus signs at either side of the show.

Come visit us at our SEO website and set your self up for a free consultation.



Holy Cow my friends!

I just received a very interesting email today that I know will create a real issue for many PPC marketers.


Here’s the short story… Yahoo has decided that they are closing down the Yahoo Search program. 

Now maybe I am wrong here but when I read that email above that is exactly what it says to me. 

"…we have decided to close the program effective April 30, 2010."

Am I reading that correctly?

Then they go on to recommend that all of us Yahoo Search marketers go on and begin using Chitika.  That is fine (I already have an account) but it is a whole different world.

Now the people for whom this will be the biggest blow is all of those 150,000+ folks that were tossed out on their A$$’s by Google earlier this year.  Remember when Google started sending messages to AdWords users telling them that their accounts were closed and their could NEVER open a new account again?

I know for many of them the only (obvious) option was to roll their efforts over to Yahoo.  MSN (Bing) just doesn’t return the traffic like most folks are used to so Yahoo seemed to be the best option. 

Well No Longer.

Good Bye Yahoo and hello marketing way outside of PPC .

Now,  please tell what you think of this amazing move?  Smart or not.  Ballsy or not.  Scary or not!  Tell me what you think.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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