This video was created by w small shop in England.

There was no brainy ad group with big budgets behind this. The budget on it was terribly small.

What they created hits every heart string available in awesome fashion. They paired relationship, human touch, passion, love, and what we all do every day… “Driving”. It is a wonderfully understated piece that is worth watching a number of times to get the true gist of what they created.

Watch this first for the video and what it says.

Now, watch it again and take in the important aspects of the pieces involved like the people, the hands touching,  the perceived relationships, the household,  etc.  It is a masterful piece.

Onward & Upward!


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Holy Cow my friends!

I just received a very interesting email today that I know will create a real issue for many PPC marketers.


Here’s the short story… Yahoo has decided that they are closing down the Yahoo Search program. 

Now maybe I am wrong here but when I read that email above that is exactly what it says to me. 

"…we have decided to close the program effective April 30, 2010."

Am I reading that correctly?

Then they go on to recommend that all of us Yahoo Search marketers go on and begin using Chitika.  That is fine (I already have an account) but it is a whole different world.

Now the people for whom this will be the biggest blow is all of those 150,000+ folks that were tossed out on their A$$’s by Google earlier this year.  Remember when Google started sending messages to AdWords users telling them that their accounts were closed and their could NEVER open a new account again?

I know for many of them the only (obvious) option was to roll their efforts over to Yahoo.  MSN (Bing) just doesn’t return the traffic like most folks are used to so Yahoo seemed to be the best option. 

Well No Longer.

Good Bye Yahoo and hello marketing way outside of PPC .

Now,  please tell what you think of this amazing move?  Smart or not.  Ballsy or not.  Scary or not!  Tell me what you think.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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I just finished watching a whole list of commercials that were shown in the Super Bowl.  I have to say that one of them really stood out for me.

Yes, the Dorito commercials killed me (actually I do some work with the guys that created that video for their company).

But all of the laughing aside… I am an Internet guy.  Shoot if your reading this it is because you too are an Internet person. 

The commercial that really got me was Google’s Parisian Love Story. 


Now, I know some of you may not have liked this one but I thought it was an interesting look at one of the ways our world operates these days.  You realize that so darned many aspects of what we do originates on the Internet and for many of us that means on Google.
Now besides some commentary on Internet use, I also thought it was a little moving.  I mean, it had all of the makings of a great love sorry spelled out right before us.
Hit the play button above and check it out.
Onward & Upward!
Sam Knoll


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Here’s an interesting issue that is very worth considering…


As Internet marketers many of us have lists of optin subscribers that we have built.  Some of our lists have been brought in recently while others may have people on them that have been around for quite some time.  I want to talk about the age of those lists and how that comes into play with where, what, when, and why we market to them.

Here is what I do:

First I have some lists that I started LONG ago.  These are lists that have people that cam in 5-6 years ago in some instances.  These subscribers all stick with this lists because I tend to them.  I work at giving them content and continually building the relationship.

That word I just used there is the key to these lists. 


The relationship is the key to this list.  I worked hard at the beginning to give and give,  earning trust all along the way.  This is the sort of list that actually reads all of the emails and in many cases even comments on things in this blog. 

Now, the second type of list is a completely different animal.  This one is built on recency of creation and is used in a vastly different way.

Consider a list that was built up during an affiliate driven promotion.  Now consider that list is approximately 20,000 in size.  Most of the people on this list are there because they are looking for a Solution to making money online.


 Yes, this is a Very different sort of list.  This is the kind of list that one can take in a number of directions.  One option is to play it safe and work with this list the same way you did with the first list.  You will get and build some good relationships here but also know that again, these people are here to see how you can give them a dollar (or $10 to $100,000 of them!) and will likely not stick around if you aren’t living up to that expectation.

So, another way you can look at this list is that it is a brand new set of people all looking for you t hand them a super solution.  Why don’t you do that.

This list is the sort that will work very well to mail to every single day.  Continue to build an exciting list of offers and put them in front of the list constantly.  This is aggressive but at the same time can work very well as these folks are buyers and will most likely buy all sorts of what you show them.

Now, these are two different ways to work with a list.  One you build and nurture the list and the other you burn through them based on the assumption that either they buy what you show them or they are really no good to you at all.

I’d like to add one further element into this mix to make it even more interesting…

What drew them onto the list initially?

Was it a freebie that pulled them in or was it something that they had to pay for?


This is a very important point.  If it was a paid offer you need to treat those people like gold.  They have already pulled out their wallet and invested in what you have to offer.  In short you have already taken the first step with them and are now on your way to much bigger and better things… if you want to.

If it was a free offer or even say you got their info prior to their seeing what the cost is for you site, then you have a very different list.  You have qualified them as being interested in your material but that is it.  You don’t yet know what they will pay (If at all) and there is zero relationship in place.  This is the second type of list I mentioned above.  This list you can start sending offers to every day and see what you can get out of them.

I have spent the last 6 months mailing to one list every single day and have pulled in a TON of sales.  That list fits in the 20,000 person size and has out me at the top of a healthy number of affiliate promotions myself.  Now I also have a number of my own lists that I treat very differently (along the first type of list I discussed).  These people require some good thought in what I am going to share.  I take the time to write something thought provoking (like this post!) and I share it with them to keep them happy.

So there my friends are two ways you can work with your mailing lists.  I hope you are able to take these thoughts in and use them in your own work.  Build those lists and then work with them in the best ways possible.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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Yes, I’ve been very bad about posting to this blog… but I have been extremely busy!

About two months ago I took on a new project that entailed me overseeing a project for Mike Filsaime.  It started out as a part time piece but has since grown to what I feel can become a significant piece of what I do.  What is it I am working on?

Can’t tell you exactly

But I will say that right now I am in the process of doing a major re-working of this project.  As I see it, I want this to account for roughly a quater of what Mike’s empire is worth.  That will be no small potatoes!

I will say that I love what I am doing.  There are some fantastic things that we are doing that will make this concept one of the best one can find online.

The group Mike has working for him is a sharp and highly motivated.  There is a lot of talent and drive there and I am thouroughly enjoying being a part of it.  I spent a few days up at his office in Long Island recently and was able to get some good one-on-one time with Mike.  I will say he is a great guy and has an interesting outlook on what he does.  I can also say that having gotten to know him some I do agree wiuth what he is doing with his current focus.  Very smart on a number of levels.

Well, I feel that I have barely hinted about a few things but not given you any meat.  Sorry, but that is where I am at present.  I will keep you posted as it all develops.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll



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