It’s Often Easier Than You Think…


One of the products I market is a home study system covering A to Z on Internet Marketing for any given product.

This system covers elements like: product conception, development, payment processing, promotions, affiliate systems, advertising, fulfillment and more.  It even includes personal interaction from Yanik Silver.

The reason I bring it up is not to promote it but rather to discuss one aspect of marketing the course (which happens to be covered in the course)…


The reason I mention this is that this one aspect of selling a physical product seems to be the most dificult to deal with when it should be an afterthought.

When selling a digital product you really have nothing at all to do once the sale goes through (assuming you have your systems all in place).  Orders process, autoresponder messages go out, download links are presented, everyone is happy.

With a physical product you either have to waste a lot of your own time and effort producing and shipping or if you are smart, you find someone else to do it.

My bad news: I had someone else to handle production of a number of parts of that course but they were slow and non-responsive.  So I decided I needed to look elesewhere.

Now, my good news: I found a company who does video production right across the street from my office… and they will also do the audio disc production for me.

How did I find them?

I looked in the yellow pages  for "video" and found them.  They were listed under video production.

Even though their ad didn’t say they do what I need I called them and what do you know, they were willing to work with me.  Beautiful.

I get the service I need and I get face to face access to the people doing the work.  I love it!

I’m telling you this because while the fulfillment aspect of selling  physical prodcts may seem like a hinderance to dealing with them, it doesn’t have to be.

Your solution may be just beyond your own backyard.

Onward & Upward!


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December 8, 2006

Sam Poppops @ 8:49 pm #

I couldn’t agreee with you more Sam. Fulfilling orders for physical products is not necessarily a big deal (especially when your order volume is low), but offering physical products has the tremendous advantage of differentiating you from the crowd … because most Internet marketers don’t or won’t do it.

Instant delivery with digital products seems attractive because of the ability to satisfy an impulse purchase “instantly”, and because this type of system requires no extra work for the marketer, but for many customers waiting a little longer for “the real thing” is OK.


December 9, 2006

SamTheEagle @ 11:47 am #


Your comment on the “instant gratification” is a very valid one.

Here’s another angle on it…

Sell digital products and use the physical version as an upsell.


Sell physical products and deliver SOME of the package instantly in digital format as an added “Bonus”. That maintains the perceived value of the physical product and satisfies the instant gratification issue as well. Plus, you are giving them a “Bonus” which all buyers love to get.

Onward& Upward!


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