Fascinating Look At Your Twitter Universe


Todays post covers something we are all becoming quite used to seeing in just about every single publication these days…



What I want to share with you has nothing to do with one of the many ways people are now gouging up followers but rather is a look at the potential universe one lives in as a publisher on twitter.  There are many different types of relationships one can carry out and they are all worth looking at.

The potential for creating a successful Social Media program requires that all possibilities be considered.  Once you look at the image below you may or may not want to follow up with many of them… but do know that a truly successful Social Media campaign does require many to be in place.

So here is an image created by Brian Solis that very clearly maps out many of the possibilities:


(click the image to see a full size view)

The areas the image covers are as follows:

  • URL Shorteners
  • Mobile Applications
  • Event Management
  •  Communication Management
  • Stream Management
  • Geolocation + Imaging
  • Relationship Management
  • Trends & Analysis
  • Twitter Search
  • Trends & Analysis
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Twitter Search

There are more to come.

Take a look over the list and see where you fit in right now. 

Then pull out a yellow pad and start to map out what you are going to add and how you will handle it.

The list can get quite extensive but is also a blast to play with as you go.

One piece of advice… treat this aspect of your business as you would any other.  You need to pick out the pieces you want to use and then add them in one at a time.  Then you also need to budget the amount of time you are going to give each of them during your day so you don’t KILL all of your productive time.

Onward & Upward!


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