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The following is my first interview through  This is in preparation for the inclussion of my blog in the next (May ’08) issue of bloghology


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sknollii @sk Sam Knoll, he is open to share his vast knowledge and internet marketing experience

merkal2005: Hi Sam, please tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How do you earn your living?

sknollii: I currently live in Durham, NC, and have been here for a little over 10 years. This is a great place to live, work and raise a family. The only down side is that I grew up in Virgina Beach and do miss being able to be on the water at a moment’s notice.

I’ve been working exclusively on the Internet for about 5 years. Most of that time I spent developing my own products and services while consulting with a wide variety of individuals, businesses and marketing agencies.

A little over a year ago I was offered a position with a marketing agency. Since then I’ve been taking all of the strategy and tactics I’ve used for my own products and consulting clients, and putting them into place for a rapidly growing number of rather large companies.

It is extremely interesting (and at times challenging) adding social media marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing and a host of other IM tools into companies with otherwise very conservative, traditional marketing departments.

merkal2005: I see that your first blog post was back in 2006. What drove you to blogging?

sknollii: I started blogging for two reasons…

First, I started because I knew I should. I’d spoken to or listened to too many successful marketers who were all saying "Start blogging!" To be honest, at the outset it seemed like a wise thing to do for my business.

The second reason I started blogging and the reason I keep blogging is that I do love to express myself. This can take the form of a live audience or through the written word.

Marketing on the Internet can be a somewhat solitary if not isolating thing so one does have to figure out how to interact with others.

I have a lot to say whether it is about a new product or service I’ve used or much deeper thoughts regarding marketing strategy on a grand scale.

Now, there is a third reason that I blog… it is the same reason I send out emails to my lists at times that have nothing to buy at all. I do love helping others. This first came as a product of my mailing to my lists and then once I started blogging, through my writing online. All it takes is a single email or comment from a reader thanking me for what I wrote and I almost can’t help writing more.

merkal2005: How did you name your blog? Do you seriously answer all the questions you receive through your contact form?

sknollii: I’ve already mentioned that I have a lot to share and this was a pretty easy natural extension of that.

I have always worked hard to help others and answer any and all questions that are directed my way. I do have to monitor the time I spend doing this and can see that eventually I may have to be selective in which questions I answer.

I named the blog "Ask-SamKnoll" because I honestly did want people to ask. I wanted folks to know that I am a very good source for information, I wanted to further brand myself and my name and I wanted to help people at the same time.

I also wanted to have some fun. When you visit the blog it is pretty hard to not notice the big red button and almost harder to not push it.

The reason the name has the hyphen in it is because there is another Sam Knoll working on the Internet… my father. He already had the non-hyphenated version 😉

I truly invite anyone to come and ask me questions. I love answering them.

merkal2005: Do you have future plans&strategies on blogging?

sknollii: I do have some very clear plans.

I will continue forward with my current blog as I have been. I’ll start mixing more of my own video and audio in as I go.

I also have plans for two additional blogs at present. One having to do specifically with Pull Marketing and another focused on competitive intelligence. Both are topics that interest me greatly as well as topics about which I am developing products.

Blogs are a great way to roll out information to folks.

merkal2005: What’s next in blogging? How do you see the future of blogging?

sknollii: That is a very good question.

There are so many different arenas in the blogosphere, the possibilities are truly limitless.

The Internet is becoming more and more crowded with great content as well as junk. It’s hard to say just where blogging will go.

Already there a many people who turn to blogs as their source for news and information. Is this good?… it’s hard to say.

Authors of blogs have a pretty free reign to be as subjective and opinionated as they wish. Should they then be the source of honest, objective news for people?

What I do see happening is a growing demand from consumers for quality material. This will not just be in the form of quality information but also in the way it is presented. Higher quality video, audio and written word are what consumers want.

The result of that is almost a form of natural selection where those sites that supply what the people want will continue on while the others fall by the wayside.

Consumers want what THEY want and want to pull only that to themselves. They are growing increasingly tired of having information pushed at them and frankly, will simply remove a feed from their reader or unsubscribe from a list faster now than ever before. This is what we must address if we are to retain any readers of our blogs moving forward.

Mert, thank you for talking with me. The Bloghology project is a great idea. There are a lot of folks out there posting fantastic information to their blogs. Thank you for creating a venue in which they can be made known to others.


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