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A little over a week ago I added a new feature to  Ask-SamKnoll.com.


This is a great service called FeedM8 that links my posts with the cell phone of anyone wanting to receive post notifications on their mobile. 

In order for a phone to be able to receive the feed it must be web enabled (which most phones made in the last 4 years are).  You can also choose to receive text alerts of new posts or additions to any RSS feed you want.

The service works two ways, first for readers wanting to receive alerts or feeds to their phone and also for publishers wanting to make their feed available.  It is a snap to set up a feed and best of all, the service is absolutely free.

As a publisher I simply place a "button" on my site which when clicked, takes the visitor to a page where they can set up my feed to their phone.

FeedM8 - Mobile Buttons_1209406191584.png

In this age of near total mobility paired with a have it now mentality why not give people avary way possible to stay in touch with you.

As more and more phone users head toward their phone being the4 true center of their daily universe this sort of service will become more and more essential.

It’s almost too easy.

Now, what do you think… do you want to receive this sort of stuff through your phone or is it all getting too darned easy to be bugged constantly throughout the day?

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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