Google Creates First True Time Machine!


Google, the quintessential 800lb gorilla… the all seeing, all knowing, altruistic pillar of the Internet has come through with a new breakthrough previously assumed to be impossible.

Now before I tell you what it is I must ask, "Have we come to expect any less from Google?"

The combination of incredible forward thinking, the best young talent available and what amounts to an all but unlimited budget that eclipses the GOP of most countries around the globe can lead to some incredible innovation.

So, what is it they’ve come up with this time?

Google has made it possible for their users to travel back in time.


Now I know it’s April Fool’s Day so it is quite possible you may not believe me but honestly, in a weird and round-about way they have made it possible for Gmail users to alter the space time continuum.

Here’s the deal:

Login to your Gmail account and you will see a new link in the upper right, next to your Gmail address.  The link is in RED and is the pathway to a bold new world in email.

A Bold New World In Email.


Google has made it possible for Gmail users to send email in the past.

Yes, you read that right… if you have a Gmail account you can now send email that will hit the recipient’s inbox with a date in the past AND inserted in their list of emails at the appropriate date!


This is truly incredible.

Think about it…

You forget your grandmother’s birthday.

I mean you don’t even click on it at all until three weeks after the fact.

Previously, you’d have to send one of those sappy belated birthday cards with an apology.

Now, because of the wisdom and technological magic of Google you can actually send an email three weeks late and have her think you sent it a day early.

You’re still in the will!

Now, here’s another possibility… you owe a client a proposal by three o’clock on Thursday and you miss your deadline.

In the old days you’d have to send the proposal late with an apology and then cross your fingers, hoping that they even read the proposal before laughing and moving on to the next consultant in line.

Now with Google’s new technology you can actually send that proposal over late and leave the client looking like the schmuck for missing it in their inbox.  You’ll actually be working from a position of strength.

There is one additional aspect to this that you need to know which is the limit to the number of past dated emails Google will let you send. 

We all know how much they like their algorithms that are a part of most everything they do and the new email feature is no exception.

Google has used a complex calculation to determine the optimum number of past emails that any one user would need.


You have ten "past emails",
so think this through and use them wisely.

That’s all for now.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this incredible new Google Innovation in the comments section below

Have a wonderful and happy 1st.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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April 2, 2008

Chuck @ 10:14 am #


I saw this too.

Great post and an awesome April Fools.

Keep it rolling Sam.


Carol027 @ 10:27 am #


If anyone could do it, it would be “Big G” wouldn’t it.

I love the humor they slip into things like the Google maps directions from the US to a European destination that tell you to swim XX miles.


Michael Morrison @ 12:30 pm #

One can do the same thing by simply changing the system clock. This method of course would not fool all the people.

There is a better Time Machine for this..

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