How big are you?


Here is my question to you…

Why on Earth would you limit your level of success in any way shape or form?

Spend any time in any of the many marketing forums online and it is immediately apparent there are a terrific number of people desperately trying to succeed online. This is also one reason there are so many people selling”How To” information online as well.

I’ve coached, consulted, sold to, and sometimes just hung out with a lot of people who are looking for the “Goose that lays the golden egg” of Internet Marketing success. Across most everyone of them I’ve observed one very similar traight… thinking too small.

I myself fell victim to that for a number of years as I spent a ton of money and looked for that one homerun of a product that would change everything. Shoot, the first information most of us stumble upon (and this is not really an accident once you realize the way this whole game works!) is information teaching you how to create your first information product or get your first affiliate sale.  This is all based around onesy-twosey product creation and sales without any sort of plan for a grander success.

Now, it is easy to find yourself a victim of this trap.

The allure of creating an information product that has little to no upfront cost to you and earns you a 6 figure income is a powerful one!  Who wouldn’t want that?!

Let me ask you though… why limit yourself to searching  for that perfect opportunity and playing the game like a small-time entrepreneur when one of the most beautiful aspects of doing business online is that it is quite easy to create your own “Web” of planned products and services, all feeding off of each other.  All it takes is a little extra effort, thought and as Axel Rose once said “A little Patience”.  Do your due diligence and plan out your front end, back end, middle and later upsell continuity product.

Now let’s take things a step further and work off of the fact that the Internet also happens to be a great equalizer on appearances.

What do I mean by that?

I’m talking about the fact that anyone and I do mean anyone can put up a website, sell products or services, and with a little effort (i.e. a professional looking site template, some help desk software, live chat, a properly written message on their site, etc.) look quite established and professional in no time at all.

My message here is “Why limit yourself?”

Think big, plan big and execute with speed and massive action.

Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit on outsourcing so you spend your time only on those activities at which you excel.

Spend $50 more bucks to get the better site graphics or template.

Plan out a coordinated series of products or services that will all work together making your life easier as you grow and your wallet fatter with less effort.

Treat your Internet business as you would an offline business (Rich Schefren crammed this down my throat!) and you will be setting yourself up for true success not just hopefull pie in the sky.

You are only as small as you think you are and the reality is most of us have no idea just how grand we really are.

Onward & Upward!

Sam Knoll

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