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Customer awareness is a very important element as we attempt to move forward an close out sales.  This can be an issue both online and offline with really the same science behind each of them.

The chart I have for you below is one that deals with “Leads” in the business to business area but really if we look at any of the factors involved it transcends being just a B2B and affects prospects in any type of market.

Marketing Sherpa

Each stage of awareness is one of the main pieces Eugene Schwartz discussed in his book “Breakthrough Advertising” (one of the greatest looks into masterful copywriting I have ever read!)

Eugene gives the stages of awareness in “customers” as follows:

  1. The most aware – customer knows of your product, knows what it does, knows he wants it.
  2. Customer knows of your product, but doesn’t yet want it
  3. New Product – customer knows or recognizes that they want what the product does… but doesn’t know that there is a product, yours, that will fulfill their want.
  4. New products that solve NEEDS – customer has a need they want fulfilled but isn’t aware of the connection between their need and your product.
  5. The completely unaware market.

Take a look at these and then look again at the chart at the top of this post.  You will see a lot of similarities.

Now, take these levels of awareness and pair them with my 5 levels of conversion and you will start to knock all of your prospects dead!

I have a great video I created some time ago that walks you through all of the levels of customer awareness.

Take a look at it here (click the big word below):

That’s all for today.

Customer awareness… Onward & Upward my friend!

Sam Knoll

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