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Here is a quick and easy way to help brand your sites and to make them look even more professional at the same time.

You know when you bookmark a site or place a link to it on your desktop and you get a nifty little icon instead of the standard browser window one?

That little icon is what is known as a "Favicon" short for favorites icon.

Now I don’t know about you but if I do manage to get someone to bookmark my site I want my logo to stare right at them any every chance I get.

Frequency is one of the key elements to making your concept at the front of their mind instead of the back of their mind.

So, how do you make those little icons?

If you do a search for "Favicon" you’ll come up with TONS of options.

To make life a little easier, here is one free favicon site I used recently for another site and I am about to use for this site.

Go give it a try.  The site even provides instructions on how to put your custom favicon in place on your site.

Now, one word about the graphic you use.

Do keep in mind that this thing is going to be Really Small… so simple (and bold colors) is better.

Onward & Upward!


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December 17, 2006

Thanks Sam. Your recommended tool at is sure easy to use … much easier and faster than some other Favicon tools I’ve tried recently.

You might want to comment at some point on the process for changing from one Favicon to another. From my experience and what I’ve read, getting your browser to change the Favicon displayed isn’t as straightforward as one might wish. Seems that once the browser has stored a Favicon for a site, merely replacing the Favicon.ico file doesn’t automatically result in a new Favicon being displayed.

Thanks again for the recommendation.


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