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Hello my friends,

I have something unique for you today.

I am saying this is unique because it is part of a very small, select group of concepts that have no objective besides helping people who need help.

This is also a great marketing piece to check out as it is being produced by the folks that are the fuel and technology behind most of the major IM launches you’ve seen in the last year.

"Who are they and what is the launch?" you ask (I know that’s what you were saying to yourself).

The folks behind the magic are none other than Becky Dielman and the rest of the crew from The Launch Train.  That is who I use to put up and manage my butterfly powered sites and let me tell you, I thought they were incredible before this launch and now I KNOW they are incredible.

Check out their "Firesale" that benefits Toys For Tots with all of it’s proceeds.

I actually did some copywriting for them early on in this project so I’ve gotten to watch it grow from a money making opportunity to a truly generous and caring concept.

If you want to see a cool way to push psych buttons in the marketing process and you want to do something good this holiday season then you really should take a look at

Onward & Upward!


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